With Our Deepest Sympathy

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It is with great sadness that we inform our Mannatech family of the passing of our dear friend and Mannatech Associate, Louis van der Linde. Louis was a Leader, Visionary, and Ultimate Dreamer, as well as a 2 Star Presidential. May your dear soul Rest in Peace. The legacy you gifted so many thousands of people in South Africa and around the world will live on in us all. So many lives have been positively impacted by your vision and your dream. Rest in the comfort of knowing that we are all grateful for you and all better for crossing your path. May all the children around the world, that you were so driven to help, be touched by your loving and giving spirit. May they realize the dream you had for them to be well looked after and well nourished and may they thrive. It is our task now to continue your journey, it is now our journey too. May we all face many adversities and remain humble. Thank you, Louis, for all your guidance, love, and self-sacrifices you have made for so many people. We wish Leone, Vintzent, Yolande, Eckhardt your family God’s grace and comfort during this difficult time.

The family has welcomed visitors to join the memorial service to celebrate the life of Louis van der Linde, on the 29th of October at 11am SAST (4am CT), to remember our wonderful friend and leader who will be greatly missed. The Live stream can be found at https://youtu.be/tOQZunRUvZQ