Congrats to Winners of the Winter 2020 Transformation Challenge

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The results are in! Congratulations to everyone who joined the Winter Transformation Challenge. You worked hard and it shows! Here are the winners:

  • 1st  PLACE, $1,000 WINNER – Brendon Villiers, Canada
  • TIED FOR 2ND PLACE, $750 WINNER– Lori Fitzwater, US
  • TIED FOR 2ND PLACE, $750 WINNER – Sue Pettengill, US
  • 3RD PLACE, $500 WINNER – Ron Rummel, US
  • LIFESTYLE AWARD – David Rundle, Canada

1st PLACE – Brendon Villiers Lost 36 inches and 27 lbs.

“I felt like I had a new lease on life and found my ambitions again.”

I broke my back 3 years ago and gained a bunch of weight due to lack of exercise and living on pain meds. I started the challenge feeling sluggish and uncomfortable. The first week was hard but within 3 weeks I had more energy and started to feel like my younger self.

Once I got to the half way mark, I was in the groove and it was normal life — I was back to working out like I did before my injury. I have since decided I will continue to incorporate my new diet habits, I learned in the Challenge to maintain my new lease on life!

TIED FOR 2nd PLACE – Lori Fitzwater

“I am super excited about the new me. I’ve got this!”

I made a decision to join the New You 90 Challenge. After all, what did I have to lose…?

I have gained so much from Ashly — and it wasn’t pounds! The weekly calls kept me focused and on track with valuable tips to work towards my goals. I wanted vibrant health for my mind, body and soul.

I am now a much stronger person making healthier choices for myself and family. I added the habit of yoga to my morning ritual which helps to energize me and keeps me motivated throughout the day. The new me is happy with myself and excited to meet new challenges head on with confidence.

TIED FOR 2nd PLACE – Sue Pettengill

“I have progressed into a stronger, healthier version of me.”

I have surpassed my goal! How can that be? Frankly, an adjustment to my mindset is why. With rock solid coaching, being real with myself, envisioning goals, and a lot of hard work mentally, I exceeded my initial expectations for participation in this Transformation Challenge.

I am healthier inside and out! I hope other people will be inspired by my honesty and are motivated to join me on this journey of wellness and embrace lifestyle changes.

3rd PLACE – Ron Rummel

“I entered the Challenge to get healthier personally, but also to encourage my daughter to do it.

I stuck with the Challenge and eventually developed an eating plan that worked very well for me: a TruPLENISH® Nutritional Shake in the morning, a mid-morning peanut butter sandwich with some green grapes, a mid-afternoon salad, and another shake to end the day.

I snacked on raw turnip slices, raw okra, and more green grapes in small-portion sizes in zip-lock bags that I could take to my part-time job or have at my office; and cut out all soft drinks and coffee.

My weight loss impressed my daughter, as well as the energy I exhibited, and she is now motivated to enter the next Challenge, along with her roommate!


After celebrating my 60th birthday last fall, I am happy to see my metabolic age is now 43!

My goals were to reduce my body fat percentage, add muscle mass, and slim my waist. I worked at achieving this by eating a healthy diet, staying active, daily walks and going to the gym. Committing to the Challenge helps me stay on track.*

I gained 3.5 pounds of muscle mass and my body fat percentage dropped from 24% to 21%. My visceral fat dropped from 13 to 12. I walk 3-5 km daily, while drinking TruPURE®, sometimes adding EMPACT™ or Ambrotose®, then drink the TruPLENISH Nutritional Shake and TruSHAPEä Advanced Weight Management capsule. My main shake recipe is the TruPLENISH creamy vanilla, a few strawberries, ½ banana, some natural yogurt, a slice of avocado, almond milk and ice.

Stay in shape this summer and support your immune health by joining Ashly Torian on Facebook for ‘Mindset and Motion’, an 8-week session of free coaching.

祝贺 2020 年冬季转型挑战赛的优胜者


  • 第一名,1,000 美元获奖者 – Brendon Villiers,加拿大
  • 并列第二名,750 美元获奖者 – Lori Fitzwater,美国
  • 并列第二名,750 美元获奖者 – Sue Pettengill,美国
  • 第三名,500 美元获奖者 – Ron Rummel,美国
  • 生活品味奖 – David Rundle,加拿大

第一名 – Brendon Villiers 腰围减小 36 英寸体重减轻 27 磅。


3 年前我伤到了背部,由于缺乏锻炼和持续服用止痛药物,导致体重大增。我刚开始这个挑战时感到迟缓和不适。第一周很辛苦,但三周之后,我精力更加充沛了,并开始觉得自己年轻了。

达成中途目标之后,我渐入佳境并习以为常 – 我能像受伤前一样重新开始健身锻炼了。从那以后,我决定继续采用挑战赛中培养起的新饮食习惯来保持新的生活状态!

并列第二名 – Lori Fitzwater


我决定参加“90 天塑造全新自我挑战赛”,毕竟,我没有什么可以失去的…?

我从 Ashly 那里学到了很多 — 不仅仅是减重!每周一次的电话会议使我精力集中并按照宝贵的技巧努力实现自己的目标。我希望自己的头脑、身体和灵魂健康,充满活力。


并列第二名 – Sue Pettengill




第三名 – Ron Rummel


我坚持挑战,并最终制定了一套对我来说非常有效的饮食计划:早上一杯 TruPLENISHä 营养代餐冲剂,上午一份花生酱三明治和一些绿葡萄,下午吃一份色拉,一天结束前再喝一杯营养代餐冲剂。



生活品味获胜者 – David Rundle

“我去年秋天过的 60 岁生日,现在很高兴看到自己的新陈代谢年龄是 43 岁!””


我增加了 3.5 磅的肌肉,体脂百分比从 24% 降到 21%,内脏脂肪值从 13 降至 12。我每天步行 3-5 公里,同时饮用美泰草本排毒粉,有时会加入 EMPACT+ 美泰活力能量饮料ä 或美泰醣质营养素Ò,然后喝美泰营养代餐粉和服用美泰加强型减脂ä胶囊。我的主要营养代餐配方是美泰营养代餐粉(奶油香草味)、一些草莓、½ 根香蕉、一些天然酸奶、一片鳄梨、杏仁牛奶和冰块。

参加 Ashly Torian 在 Facebook 上提供的“心态和运动”课程(为期 8 周的免费训练课程),让自己今夏保持身材和实现免疫健康。