Interested in Attending MannaFest℠ for the First Time? Join Us in Vegas to Kick Start Your Business

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You can’t miss MannaFest 2017! If you are new to Mannatech, this is the perfect event to jump start your business and your journey to becoming a Mannatech leader. Even if you haven’t been to a MannaFest event in a few years, what better way to get started than in Las Vegas where you’ll be surrounded by top Mannatech field leaders who can share their secrets to success?

Industry expert, Eric Worre, will join us again for a full day of training to share his valuable business building insights and best practices. In addition, you will be the first to experience new product launches from stage, hear the company’s vision for the future from Mannatech executives and learn how to grow your Mannatech business, all from the fun and exciting location of Las Vegas, Nevada!

MannaFest 2017 is set for April 7-10, 2017 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Be sure you register today, and don’t forget to book your hotel room at the fun and luxurious Caesars Palace.

Vegas is the perfect destination to engage with your entire team and spend time in a city where there is so much to do! It is also a great place for family and friends to visit. Read more about Vegas Restaurants to Fit Any Style, Fun Things to Do with the Kids in Las Vegas and Outdoor and Recreational Activities to Do in Vegas During #MannaFest2017.

Watch this video to see all that you can do in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch the video

Read what a few people had to say about MannaFest 2016:

“How does one capture an event like MannaFest 2016 into just a few words?  Oh, I know: “Transform Your Life!” The whole weekend was so inspirational. The new brand is amazing. The training with Eric Worre was over the top.  Rubbing shoulders with leaders and new associates who are equally full of passion and hope was infectious.  I personally know I am not the same guy returning home, and like never before, I am excited!” – Keith Gerber, Presidential Director

“Throughout the event I had one saddening thought. It was whenever I thought of those who had made the decision not to attend. We cannot begin to give you what you missed, nor can you catch up. It is gone. But Las Vegas is ahead. Book your ticket and create a legacy for you and your family! Eric Worre would say if you only ever do one skill, it must be to attend the destination event.  Team Legacy is going to leave a legacy, and I am so thankful to be a part of that team. See you in Vegas!” – Joan Mallory, National Director

“It was informative, engaging, inspiring and a lot of fun. Everyone should make a commitment to go to every MannaFest – where the world gathers to experience and share in the same goal of helping each other and ourselves to be better and healthier people. Thank you Mannatech!” – Ada Barker, Regional Director

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