MannaFest 2017: Associates Rise Up to New Levels, Recognized for Achievements

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MannaFest 2017 celebrated Associates’ achievements and recognized those who took their Mannatech business to new heights over the past year. We are proud of these individuals and teams who have worked hard to achieve their dreams, and it is with great honor that we recognize these Associates who deserve their hard-earned recognition.

On Saturday, April 8, several leaders were recognized for various categories and new successes. These winners were announced on-stage and some were given the opportunity to share their stories. Our 2017 MannaFest Award Winners include:

Global Business Builder of the Year

  • EMEAA & The Americas: Ling Xiang Cheng

Global New Business Development of the Year

  • Asia: Dong Ju Kang

Global Income Growth

  • Asia: Tomohisa Gotoh

Global Enroller of the Year

  • Asia: Yukio Hitomi

Global Rookie of the Year

  • Asia: Jihyun Yun

Platinum Ring Winner

  • Japan: Tomohisa Gotoh

Annual Business Builder

  • Australia: Naomi Enevoldson
  • Canada: Shao Ning Tu & Shaolan Gong
  • Europe: Agustin Jover & Luz Rodriguez
  • Japan: Miyuki Hirata
  • Korea: Jung Hwa Lee – Regional Business Builder of the Year
  • Mexico: Myung He Kang
  • Taiwan: Lin Chang Shuming
  • Hong Kong: Huang Xu Hua
  • United States: Ling Xiang Cheng – Regional Business Builder of the Year

New Business Development of the Year

  • Australia: Dayandra & Gloria Hettige
  • South Africa: Quintin & Alet-Marie van Zyl
  • New Zealand: Dayandra & Gloria Hettige
  • Canada: Chenjie & Richard Gosse
  • Europe: Stephanie & Mark Sullivan
  • Japan: Rico Nishino
  • Korea: Dong Ju Kang – Regional New Business Development of the Year
  • Mexico: Maria Guadalupe Camargo Flores
  • Taiwan: Lin Chang Shuming
  • Hong Kong: Huang Xu Hua
  • United States: Petra Geng & Grace He
  • South Africa: Lior & Jodi Losinsky – Regional New Business Development of the Year

Highest Income Growth

  • Australia: James & Kasy Hannan
  • Canada: Julia Zhu & Tony Bao – Regional Highest Income Growth of the Year
  • Europe: Agustin Jover & Luz Rodriguez
  • Japan: Tomohisa Gotoh – Regional Highest Income Growth of the Year
  • Korea: Sun Ok Lee
  • Mexico: Germain Vaca Rodriquez
  • Taiwan: Joseph Hong
  • Hong Kong: Tao Jun
  • United States: Li Chai
  • South Africa: John Peter & Bertha Koster

Top Enroller of the Year

  • Australia: Paula Khouri
  • Canada: Carey Fumerton
  • Europe: Desmond & Lisa Daly
  • Japan: Yukio Hitomi – Regional Enroller of the Year
  • Korea: Hea Kyoung Park
  • Mexico: Hermelinda Vargas Alcantar
  • Taiwan: Li Mei Chieh
  • Hong Kong: Huang Xue Cong
  • United States: Sun Hye Kim
  • South Africa: Tamantha Williams – Regional Enroller of the Year

Rookie of the Year

  • Australia: Melanie Bourke
  • Canada: Bin Zhou
  • Europe: Nuria Vall-Llosera Colomeda
  • Japan: Hiroko Nishino
  • Korea: Jihyun Yun – Regional Rookie of the Year
  • Mexico: Jacqueline Ibarra Pardini
  • Hong Kong: Tao Jun
  • Taiwan: Lou Shiu Chin
  • United States: Jungil Hwang
  • South Africa: Tamantha Williams – Regional Rookie of the Year

Million Dollar Club

  • Canada: Julia Zhu & Tony Bao
  • Korea: Myungjoon Kim
  • United States: Rodney Fleetwood

Ray Robbins’ Giving Spirit Award

  • Australia: Diana Hunter
  • Canada: Bobbie Cai
  • Europe: Lisa Daly
  • Japan: Akiko Hanaoka
  • Korea: Ji Man Jung
  • Mexico: Aida Vargas Alcantar
  • Taiwan: Lin Chang Shuming
  • United States: Joyce Oliveto
  • South Africa: Hilda Marais

Million Dollar Club Parade

In addition, Mannatech recognized the members of its Million Dollar Club, those who have earned more than $1 million over the course of their tenure with Mannatech, with a special commemorative parade. Each of Mannatech’s more than 200 Million Dollar Club members paraded through the MannaFest audience and were congratulated on stage for their commitment and hard work. In addition, Julia Zhu and Tony Bao, Mannatech’s newest Million Dollar Club members were celebrated for their huge success.

Transformation Challenge

Participants of Mannatech’s Transformation Challenge, a 90-day body transformation competition, were celebrated and they flaunted their transformed bodies on-stage, showing off their fit figures and inches lost. This also included participants of Korea’s TruHealth™ Challenge, which had more than 600 individuals who entered the competition. We announced the U.S. and Canada round three and grand prize winners of the Transformation Challenge, which included:

March Monthly Winners:

  • Individual: Lydia Stasiak (U.S.)
  • Partner: Patricia and Gary Browett (CA)
  • Group: Bryan Assman, Cherene Assman and Rachelle Vardeh-Esakian (CA)

Grand Prize:

  • Individual: Amanda Foster (U.S.)
  • Partner: Amanda Foster and Joshua Picard (U.S.)
  • Team: Michael Rubin, Shannon Rubin and Phil Schorner (U.S.)

The round three individual winner took home $500, the partner winners took home $1,000 and the group winners won $2,000 for their TruHealth transformations. Our grand prize individual winner was awarded $2,000, our grand prize partners won $3,000 and our grand prize team won $10,000 for their transformations! We couldn’t be more proud of the hard work and dedication these Associates put in to taking back their health and transforming their bodies using TruHealth. Congratulations to all!

M5M℠ Foundation Celebration

To end a fabulous week, Associates celebrated at the M5M Celebration, where the foundation’s Executive Director, Sarah Bowen, welcomed attendees and shared the latest happenings with M5M. Associates danced the night away, celebrating not only their achievements but also the many children whose lives have been lifted to new heights thanks to Mannatech and the M5M Foundation. What an incredible reason to celebrate!