How to Use Social Media During #MannatechWellnessWeek

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Mannatech’s Wellness Week is just around the corner! Throughout the week of September 12-16, Mannatech is encouraging you to take part in its efforts to demonstrate our united commitment to health and wellness.

We will be sharing ideas on how you can show your Mannatech and wellness pride throughout #MannatechWellnessWeek, but first, let’s discuss how you can be a part of the conversation on social media.

Post a Photo or Video

Take a selfie, have a friend take your photo, upload a whole album of photos or share a video of you participating in a Wellness Week activity. Share these photos with your family and friends to show off your Mannatech pride.

Use the Hashtag

Throughout the week, be sure you are posting on your social media networks using the hashtag #MannatechWellnessWeek. Take a photo of yourself wearing your Mannatech gear or participating in a wellness event, post the photo to your Facebook page and share it with the world using #MannatechWellnessWeek.

Tag Your Friends

If you and your friends, team or family are getting together to participate in a Mannatech Wellness Week activity, don’t forget to tag everyone who participates! This will not only keep your friends in the loop, but they will also get to share in the excitement of #MannatechWellnessWeek.

Check In

Are you planning a wellness event or meeting a few teammates for after-hour smoothies? Check in on Facebook and tell us where you are gathering to celebrate Wellness Week.

Utilize Facebook Live

Tell us how you are participating in Wellness Week by using Facebook’s live feature. Share a live video with your Facebook friends and let us get a glimpse of your Mannatech branded-apparel, smoothie making party or how you’ve organized a community service wellness activity or a walk around the neighborhood.

Update Your Profile Picture

Throughout #MannatechWellnessWeek, update your profile picture to show your dedication to health and wellness. We suggest using the Mannatech logo, which can be found on the Mannatech Facebook Page as our own profile picture.

Share Everyday

We encourage you to share at least one update per day using #MannatechWellnessWeek to let us know how you are getting involved in Mannatech’s global health and wellness efforts.

You can share your updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, WeChat, WhatsApp or any other social media network or platform you love. The point is to share, share, share and get out there to do something to better your health and wellness. Happy posting! #MannatechWellnessWeek