Look After Your Heart and it Will Look After You

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Join millions of Americans in taking an active role in improving your health and heart function during February National Heart Month.

It’s never too late to do something good for your heart.

We often hear about how important the heart is for overall health, but not many people know just how many vital roles the heart plays. It’s much more than just a pump. The health of our hearts is a key indicator for our overall health.

 Most Hardworking Muscle in the Body

The best way to begin discussing heart health is to start with learning more about what keeps the heart beating.

  • It’s the size of your fist
  • It’s made up of multiple layers of tissue
  • Each day it beats, on average, 100,000 times
  • Generates up to 100 gallons of blood every day
  • Circulates 81,500 gallons during an average lifetime.
  • It’s always working, and has no time off

A Healthy Heart Means Increased Blood Flow

Cardiovascular health affects everything. That’s because your heart is the powerhouse of your body. What affect does heart function have on other organs?

The key to healthy organs starts with proper blood flow. Here are six ways the heart supports our organs.

  • Kidneys – Provides blood support for them to function and properly filter waste from our blood.
  • Liver – Provides blood supply to make a protein called erythropoietin (EPO) to supply body with red blood cells.
  • Lungs – Supplies a steady flow of blood pressure so that liquid does not back up into the air sacs of our lungs.
  • Muscle Mass – A healthy heart helps in building muscle mass and increases your metabolism.
  • Brain – Pumps oxygen-rich blood to the brain, so that it can be fed and provide energy to support proper function.
  • Digestion – Supports optimal digestive health by providing an increased flow of oxygenated blood necessary for the digestive process.

What You Can Do RIGHT Now to Love Your Heart

February may be cold outside, but you can warm up your heart with just a few small lifestyle changes to help preserve your heart function for years to come:

  • Eat healthy – You can’t eat perfectly all the time. But eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains is always a smart choice for you heart.
  • Get active –Try standing up at your desk, take a daily walk, anything to get your body moving.
  • Stay at a healthy weight – Get with your doctor and learn your body composition levels and get a plan to lose fat.
  • Quit smoking – The dangers of smoking are well documented. But despite that, around 45 million people in the USA still smoke cigarettes, and more are affected by secondhand smoke.
  • Control your cholesterol and blood pressure – 1 in every 3 U.S. adults± have high blood pressure, and nearly 20 percent do not know they have it. Know your levels.
  • Drink Smarter – Ditch the sugary soda for water. Drink alcohol in moderation.
  • Manage stress – stress makes our hearts work harder, find ways to relax through meditation and daily exercise.

 Your heart plays an important role in your overall health. Be sure to give it the attention and care it deserves.

±AMGA.org (American Medical Group Association)

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Your heart plays an important role in your overall health. Be sure to give it the attention and care it deserves.

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