Watch the Video: Mannatech’s New Brand Teaser

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Mannatech leaders from around the world saw a sneak peek of the new brand that will be launched at MannaFest 2016 in April. The response was contagious: This is going to transform Mannatech and everyone the company touches.

Several people were in tears, many people shouted and clapped and others stood and embodied the new logo themselves.

If you aren’t at #MannaFest2016, you are going to miss the biggest moment in Mannatech’s history.

Watch the video to see what leaders had to say after the reveal, and share this with your friends to get excited about what’s coming in April.

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  1. Peggy_from_Porcupine says:

    after loving our stylized “M” for so long – the new brand must be exceptional to garner the excitement we see in this video!

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