Get a Glimpse into Mannatech’s New Brand Vision

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Get a Glimpse into Mannatech’s New Brand Vision

Mannatech’s new brand can help you dramatically improve your business, the lives of people around you and, ultimately, the world. You will witness the power of the new brand at this year’s global MannaFest℠ 2016 in Dallas, Texas, April 6-10. At this can’t miss event, the company will reveal its highly anticipated new brand along with unveiling other eagerly awaited new initiatives, including a new set of consumer friendly fat loss products, a state-of-the-art back office and other business-building new tools.

Mannatech’s new brand is important because it defines who the company is, what the company gives to others, and the promise Mannatech makes to Associates and their prospects and customers. But what makes up a brand vision? In Mannatech’s case, the brand vision provides Associates with the company’s brand perceptions, brand promise and messaging that defines how Mannatech can best be described to others.

Brand Perceptions

Brand perceptions describe how people perceive the company. Mannatech surveyed thousands of participants to determine the company’s brand perceptions. Below are the five leading perceptions people have when they think of Mannatech:

  • Transformational
  • Wellness
  • Freedom
  • Innovative
  • Compassionate

Brand Promise

Mannatech’s brand promise is a promise it makes to its Associates and customers that the brand will fulfill. The promise guides the company in what it will offer and how it will live out the brand.

Mannatech’s brand promise clarifies and communicates what makes it special and different. Crafting this promise requires an understanding of Mannatech’s values, interests, strengths and personal qualities and then uses them to distinguish the company.


Mannatech’s tagline is a short yet powerful phrase that represents a strong, appealing tone and feeling for the company. A tagline only changes when it is time to redefine the company, as we’re doing now. In many cases, the tagline becomes so well-known that it is instantly recognizable.

Mannatech’s new tagline will embody the following categories:

  • Wellness
  • Financial Freedom
  • Giving Back
  • Personal Development

Stay tuned for more details behind Mannatech’s new brand reveal. And be sure you attend #MannaFest2016 (and invite lots of your team members) to see the new brand reveal in-person for yourself!

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