Join us for MannaFest LIVE 2020!

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After much consideration and the recent success of MannaLIVE, we have made the decision to move MannaFest 2020 from an in-person event to a livestream event.

Mark your calendars! MannaFest LIVE will be broadcast in 5 languages on August 21 & 22, 2020, and will focus on business development training, product training, personal development and recognition.

We promise another amazing lineup of speakers, content and emotion to keep you riveted:

  • Learn new skills and tools for business development.
  • See product announcements, product training and exciting new videos.
  • Hear personal development training.
  • Celebrate those that have earned extraordinary accomplishments.
  • And shop event specials!

Two housekeeping things to note:

  1. Reservations for the Marriott Hotel on Mannatech’s group block will be canceled on Wednesday, May 20th, with a full refund. Those who booked at other hotels, or are not under the group block, will need to work directly with their hotels to cancel their reservations.
  2. If you purchased tickets for MannaFest 2020, your tickets will be moved to MannaFest 2021 unless a refund is requested. A separate registration for MannaFest LIVE will be sent out at a later date.

We will miss seeing your shining faces in person, but we’re here to support you every step of the way, bringing you the resources and knowledge you need to accelerate your business now and beyond! We also look forward to the day when we can all gather in person once again.

欢迎参加我们的 MannaFest LIVE 2020!

经过深思熟虑且最近成功举办 MannaLIVE,我们决定将 MannaFest 2020 从亲临现场的活动转变为直播活动。

标记您的日历!MannaFest LIVE 将于 2020 年 8 月 21 日和 22 日以 5 种语言直播,活动的重点是业务开发培训、产品培训、个人发展和表彰。


  • 了解新的业务开发技能和工具。
  • 观看产品发布、产品培训和令人振奋的新视频。
  • 聆听个人发展培训。
  • 向取得非凡成就的人们表示祝贺。
  • 活动特惠,机不可失!


  1. 5 月 20 日(星期三)的万豪酒店美泰团体预订将被取消,并全额退款。预订其他酒店或不在团体预订范围内的人员,需要直接与各自合作的酒店联系以取消预订。
  2. 如果您购买了 MannaFest 2020 的门票,除非申请退款,否则门票将顺延用于 2021 年的 MannaFest 活动。单独注册 MannaFest LIVE 后,门票将在稍晚的时候发送。