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Feeling Stressed or Moody from Staying Indoors?

These days, many of us are spending more time indoors. You may not be getting the vitamin D from direct sunlight you need to support your immune system. Plus, when stress levels are running high, you need extra support.


Currently, you may experience longer than normal call wait times. To save time, we encourage you to take advantage of alternative ways to get information on your Mannatech account and orders.

The Truth About Mannatech

On February 1, 2020, we are publishing an objective and fact-based website to provide factual and accurate information regarding our history.

Shift Your Mindset and Lose the Fat for Good*

No more excuses. No more ignoring facts. You want to be healthier, feel better and look better but it seems like an uphill battle. You long to melt off the fat, but how will this year be any different?

Fall 2019 Transformation Challenge Winners

Congratulations to our Fall 2019 Transformation Challenge winners! Registration for the Winter + Spring 2020 Transformation Challenge begins January 6th!

Review Your Scheduled Holiday Automatic Order Shipment

It’s time to plan for your business during the hectic holiday season. To make it easier for you, we’ve included the important dates for when the Mannatech office will be closed and how this will affect your orders and shipping.

Mannatech Honors Our Military with New Program

Mannatech recognizes active and retired United States or Canadian service members and invites you to become a member of the Mannatech Military Program.

Mannatech Pay E-Wallet Just Got Better

Mannatech is changing to a new Platform Provider to allow us to provide even more great features and benefits!

The New Mannatech Library is Here!

Updates to the Mannatech Library are complete! You will now have an easier and more streamlined way to search for Mannatech information!

Mannatech US Call Center Changes

The Mannatech Corporate office in Flower Mound, TX is announcing new Call Center hours of 9:30 AM CST to 6:00 PM CST, beginning Monday, November 11, 2019.